Top 21 Washing Machines Brands in 2022

The most popular brands for Washing Machines Includes LG, Fisher & Paykel, Samsung, Electrolux, Haier, Beko, ASKO, Miele, Devanti, Euromaid among many others.



Popular Brand

Koo In-Hwoi started a business unit in 1926 and opened a store with his brother in 1931, which suffered heavy losses. He persevered until he founded Lucky Chemical Industrials in 1957, which manufactured small creams. After facing a minor setback, he started a plastics plant, which manufactured plastic hairbrushes and soon became famous. He also began Goldstar, which developed radios and other electronics. Soon, it combined with Lucky and came to be known as LG.


Fisher & Paykel

Popular Brand

Fisher & Paykel manufactures appliances that contain installation, user, troubleshooting, and parts manuals. Built-in refrigerators have an isolating switch and can be unplugged from a power outlet, making them convenient. Laundry devices are built of attractively designed and thought-out space-saving equipment that provides exceptional fabric care, regardless of the clothing. Ventilation and dryers protect the kitchen from oils, keeping your cabinets and furnishings in excellent condition, and widely available dishwashing equipment from their range is exported worldwide.



Popular Brand

The famous Korean electronics producer, Samsung, started its journey as a grocery trading store in 1938. Lee Byung-Chull began the business by trading domestically-produced goods and exporting them to China. Soon, the company expanded to include textiles and heavily focused on industrialization. In the 1970s, it invested in petrochemical and similar industries and slowly stepped into the electronics industry. The 80s saw an explosion in its technology business; the rest is history.



Best Brand


Best Brand

One of the top home electronics manufacturers, Haier offers top-quality goods with innovative technology. To provide a wide selection of household appliances, Haier has its advanced manufacturing facilities and a sizable network of distributors worldwide. With the aid of the brand, you may find the top home electronics right at your fingertips. They have everything you might need to provide a comfortable and happy existence, including microwaves, washing machines, TVs, air conditioners, and water heaters. Haier is constantly reinventing the home appliances market.



Best Brand

Beko’s journey began in 1955 when large home appliances were commonplace. The brand has made good use of the following 65 years by changing the trajectory of its customers’ lives through innovative and sustainable products. Its extensive catalog greatly appeals to the large white goods market, bringing it success and renown. Moreover, its quick adaptability to market requirements has allowed for remarkable growth. Today, it has a tremendous global presence, with excellent visibility in Europe.



Best Brand

Known for making premium and stylish laundry and kitchen items, ASKO is a global household appliance brand build to add fun to your everyday life. For the past 60 years, the company has been producing the best in market products for people worldwide. Based in Sweden, the brand makes environmentally friendly products that compete with other big names in the industry. Inspired by Scandinavian design, they create visually appealing products that also match the standard of high performance.



Best Brand

Miele was founded in 1899 and aimed to be an industry leader in quality and technology. The brand offers high-quality appliances for cooking, laundry, and floor care while offering excellent dishwashers, dryers, and washing machines. As an independent family-owned company, it has a good network and takes great pride in its employee-centric culture. The Miele name has become a household name in Germany and is on its way to international acclaim.



Devanti is a brand that offers everything from amusement to conditioning, lighting to drying, dining to housekeeping, and more, so it's not only about making a sale; it's also about maximizing your life. The business focuses on developing designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also have practical uses for the customer. They place a premium on quality and are unwavering in their dedication to upholding strict standards in whatever they do. Every product they offer reflects their company's commitment to quality, longevity, and safety.



Euromoid is one of the Australian market's most prominent and leading creators and producers of kitchen and laundry appliances. It's been a few years since this brand has put its feet into the market, and from then onwards, it has become a member of several homes through its outstanding services and products. Their products are premium in quality and functionality as they maintain the reliability and robustness of their products. They have served over forty countries worldwide and are the global leader in supplying electrical heating appliances.



Ariston is the pioneer and market leader in the field of water heaters. It offers the best quality, effective, and long-lasting solutions to address your domestic hot water needs. Ariston provides various products to meet every family's demands, from instantaneous gas-fired water heaters to cut-off electric models. Because of its dedication to perfection, Ariston has long been associated with excellence, dependability, and trust. Its goal is to offer excellent quality, reasonably priced items that simplify living. Their products are made to be a wise decision for your house, especially regarding water heating.



Teka is the most popular kitchen equipment brand. They are the only firm that provides a full range of items for cooking, baking, and beverage preparation. Teka makes it easy to prepare anything you want, whenever you're ready, with ovens, refrigerators, and dishwashers. Creative ideas have transformed kitchens worldwide, making cooking simple, convenient, and enjoyable daily. They guarantee that you have an imaginative kitchen that fits your busy lifestyle by designing clever items.



TE-CO supplies market-leading electrical motors all over the world. They design and sell the largest machinery used in ships, mines, and refineries. Electronic engines, such as the Maxe3 mining, are popular due to high-efficiency motors with real IP66 and porous drain plugs, a class H insulation system, and improved inverter-rated insulation. They feature precise and sturdy cast iron construction, including a fan, and an average temperature rises less, making them a great seller.



Hisense is a technology brand that deals with the manufacture of smartphones and other home appliances. They aspire to become the most reliable brand in the world. The brand was set up in 1988 and continues striving toward the future. They clearly understand the goal and do their best to reach it. All the products that they make are very reliable. The latest technology is always used in the manufacture of the items. Make your world technologically advanced at a very reasonable price.


Speed Queen

We can all agree that doing laundry is an essential yet tedious task. Speed Queen strives to improve your laundry...



Euro provides goods, services, and support for beautiful European-designed home appliances, with all the right products to fit everyone's lifestyle....



The Bauknecht brand is the world's foremost luxury appliance manufacturer, offering a comprehensive range of household appliances. They provide one-of-a-kind...



Kleenmaid's ovens, cooktops, range hoods, and other associated equipment are designed to make cooking more accessible and convenient. There is...



The top name in household appliances is Maytag. They have more than 100 years of expertise and are still creating...



Vestel is a recognized electronics company based in Turkey. The brand produces consumer electronics and professional appliances that come in...



Stirling is a premium home appliance producer dedicated to creating crafted appliances that are useful, innovative, and timeless in style....

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