Top 20 Calculators Brands in 2022

The most popular brands for Calculators Includes Texas Instruments, Casio, Canon, Calculated Industries, VICTOR, Sentry, Datexx, Citizen, Monroe, Innovera among many others.


Texas Instruments

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Popular Brand

Casio is a global brand primarily famous for making timeless pieces of watches. They are experts in watchmaking because they have been doing it for a long time. However, the product range is not only exclusive to the variety of watches because they also make calculators and printers. Casio is highly skilled in making both regular and scientific calculators. The company strives for the success and happiness of its customers. The customers are the top priority in this matter.



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Calculated Industries

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To develop high-quality, easy-to-use, technology-based solutions that ease students' and passionate hobbyists' work. Calculated industries manufacture calculators, apps, and digital measuring tools to speed up everyday processes. The calculator has built-in right-angle solutions with complete stair layouts, while the other type has a trig function and finds weight per volume. The products are differentiated based on the sectors; for example, real estate includes quick and easy problem-solvers that enhance professionalism.



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Best Brand

Sentry is a corporation that provides insurance. They are a mutual firm that offers small businesses and people in the United States personal and commercial property and liability insurance. Their consumer-focused strategy and innovative technologies enable us to provide competitive pricing while providing excellent customer service. They bring a practical approach to the insurance market and strive relentlessly to improve business protection measures. Their platform is built with compliance in mind, making it simple to keep track of your company's regulations.



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A family-owned company, Datexx runs with the mission to make its customers work smarter instead of more complex. Datexx supplies new and innovative electronic devices to make people’s daily life easier. The first-ever product was the TIME CUBE, which was a big hit worldwide. Later it created many more devices and also innovated the old ones that we used to like with more advances and more straightforward calculators. There’s so much more to come with Datexx.



Best Brand

Citizen Systems is a leading printing solutions company that makes easy-to-use and accessible products for its worldwide customers. Their products are designed to offer high performance and include items like a variety of printers like POS and Kiosk. The brand also provides all types of tools and drivers for both current and even discontinued printers. Their printing solutions are used in several industries like manufacturing and hospitality.



For over 110 years, Monroe has been making commercial calculators that are widely used by financial and accounting professionals around the globe. They also sell a variety of office accessories and printers. The company values innovation, and its items are renowned for being durable and reliable. They have a perfect understanding of the industry and have some of the most skilled and talented staff that help create their range of products.




Office Depot

Office Depot is your one-stop shop for everything you need to make your business run smoothly. Find the appropriate technology and materials for your company. They have the products and services to keep you productive and profitable, whether renting space or running a virtual office. PRODUCT has it all, from small businesses to large organizations, from tech accessories to furnishings. With their free delivery on qualified orders, you can find what you're searching for and have it shipped directly to your home. So go shopping now! It's also where you'll find school supplies and regular low-cost things.



Ativa Interactive is a firm that specializes in generating unique infographics and explainer movies for businesses and brands worldwide. Infographics are visuals full of data, expertise, or ideas that help communicate complex material quickly. Their award-winning designers produce visually appealing visuals that express captivating brand tales. They are the ones to contact if you need an expert team to transform words into spectacular graphics. They assist you in simplifying the problematic and amplifying your message by using more remarkable pictures, data, and interaction.


Corner Office

Financial stability is a must for any business to keep functioning. Corner Office is a company that offers a range of solutions from advisories to retirement to assurance associates. The brand understands the need for any organization, firm, company, business, or individual to find a sound footing in wealth-related matters. The company aims to guide its clients into a state of financial stability, prosperity, and growth. Life is uncertain; Corner Office is not.



Olivetti is one of Italy's oldest companies. The company was founded as a typewriter manufacturer and eventually expanded into other fields such as mechanical calculators, computers, and mobile devices. Olivetti is a multinational corporation that makes computers, printers, and tablets for businesses. In addition, the corporation includes a smartphone manufacturing division. The corporation quickly embraced new technology and manufactured some of the most well-known computer and smartphone models. Their products are intended to assist you in performing your work more effectively. Olivetti focuses on helping you enhance your productivity and efficiency, whether it's a tablet or a printer for the business.



SanSai is a retail solutions company that offers goods and services that clients may use to establish their stores. Its...





Brookstone is a renowned insurance company offering its services to businesses and individuals. They have a range of plans that...



Sainsmart is a brand that helps empower makers to make things they are passionate about. They provide hardware supplies to...



Sanyo is a leading Japanese electronics company known for its modern and high-tech TVs. They are one of the world's...



Ben Franklin sells various rustic home design items, including curtains, beds, and dinnerware. They've become one of the most reputable...

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CASIO MX-120B 12 Digits Mine Desk-Top Calculators MX120B

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Casio FX-82ES Plus 2nd Edition Scientific Calculator FX82 FX-82 New

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Casio FX-991EX Engineering/Scientific Calculator, Black, 3" x 6.5" x 0...

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